Benefits of rTraining

rTraining is rSquared’s proprietary software training program. Developed specifically for rSquared by learning experts, our comprehensive training sessions and quick-reference support materials follow industry best practices so our clients can begin using their rSquared software application quickly and with ease.

Educational. Learn and master your rSquared software solution.

Comprehensive. Easy-to-use support materials to guide users through software portals and learning paths.

Professional. Experienced CRE professionals with in-depth, working knowledge of rSquared products facilitate all training.

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Train in-person or remotely. Learn when and where it's most convenient for you.



Courses are led by experienced CRE professionals who know our software down to the smallest detail.


Fast Learning Path

You'll be able to use your rSquared software with ease in no time.



Learn everything you need to know about your rSquared software, from getting started to using the innovative features.

Core Features

Practical Instruction

rTraining sessions incorporate real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises so participants are well-prepared to use their rSquared software solutions on the job.

Engaging Content

Courses are designed and structured to keep participants interested, engaged and learning.

Led By CRE Professionals

Classroom and online training sessions are facilitated by experienced CRE professionals who understand the CRE industry and how it works.

What Everyone is Saying

"My training was very comprehensive. It covers all the features and functionality of the software."

"I really like that my trainer has worked in CRE for decades. They really understand the industry well."

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