The Newest, Most Advanced CRE Valuation Software Available 

We saw a need and we seized the moment. Our leadership has been on the front line of commercial real estate for almost 30 years. We have seen the highs and the lows right beside our clients. When our clients started asking for a new way to underwrite and value properties – we listened.

Introducing rDCF. 

rDCF is the newest valuation and underwriting tool to hit the market. With the experience we have gained and the knowledge we possess we have built the easiest, most efficient tool for your tool chest. We have incorporated our proprietary underwriting workbook, giving you the ability to import and export native Excel® reports, audit your reports and gain transparency into your calculations.

Introducing Flexibility.

rDCF is your low price point – SaaS alternative to bulky network software. Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. rDCF is designed to allow you to work on all commercial product types in order to simplify your complexity.

Introducing Transparency.

Quickly evaluate your deals and produce underwriting and investment committee memos. Generate accurate transaction models that combine leveraged cash flow projections with detailed property reports. Our integrated, formula driven Excel® underwriting and valuation workbook exposes calculations for easy review. With rDCF, you can audit reports for simplification of complex calculations.

Welcome to the new era of underwriting and evaluation. rDCF.

Built for accuracy. Built for speed. Built for our industry.