The rDCF Advantage

rDCF provides brokers, investors and advisors with a scalable, easy-to-use and open-data platform for valuations and underwriting. CRE pros are able to import Excel files for expedited in-depth modeling and sensitivity analysis, then export key analytics into Excel® documents for quick assessment.

Seamless information exchange coupled with rDCF’s anytime, anywhere accessibility translates into reduced marketing and due diligence periods, meaning transactions close faster. Whether the investment is single property or a large portfolio, rDCF is the most productive and cost-effective way to analyze commercial real estate investments.

Import and export files to/from rDCF.

Flexible modeling for complex and straight-forward lease structures.

Eliminate software and hardware costs, and increase flexibility through the cloud.

Intuitive design featuring hotkeys, shortcuts and formulas make rDCF simple to understand and use.

Capital Markets


Formula-driven Excel® export

for valuation and underwriting.

Drag and drop

sensitivity analysis so users can easily modify rent roll and market assumptions.

Robust security

controls through Amazon's Web Services.

Third-party access

to share models with partners and investors, even if they are not a rDCF subscriber.

Your Valuation and Underwriting Alternative

For years, CRE brokers have asked for a modern, mobile and economical solution for analyzing data and determining value. That's where rDCF comes in. Now, brokers have an application that reduces valuation times by 85%* while delivering the most robust and dynamic valuation models available. rDCF moves the industry forward with better and faster decision making - and at a much lower cost.

*independent user data: creating a model in rDCF compared to the alternative on-premise solution.

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See firsthand how rDCF changes the way analysis is done. Request a demo to see the features and functionality that set rDCF apart from other software solutions. rDCF is the essential tool for today's CRE professional.

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