Benefits For Property Owners and Managers

rDCF has the processing power and dynamic, advanced features CRE property owners and managers need to analyze complex financial data quickly and accurately. Its open-data platform allows for data and files to be shared with many popular business applications, including Excel®.

rDCF’s folder structure allows for detailed, portfolio-level reporting. Round-trip exporting of assumptions to Excel® and back makes sensitizing models for multiple properties fast and easy, facilitating an understanding of changing market conditions on the value of your portfolio. Additional benefits for CRE owners and property managers include:

SaaS model substantially reduces ownership and maintenance costs.

Integrated Excel® underwriting workbook makes it easy to understand modeling assumptions and prepare presentation quality reports.

Collaborative to allow model sharing with partners and investors.



Complex Modeling Features

including percentage rents, anchor contributions, recovery caps and expense gross-ups.


to Excel ® underwriting workbook - no more 'cutting and pasting'.

One Click Sharing

easily share your models with anyone, even if they are not a current rDCF subscriber.

Your Valuation and Underwriting Alternative

For years, CRE professionals have asked for a modern, mobile and economical solution for analyzing data and determining value. That's where rDCF comes in. Now, owners/property managers have an application that reduces valuation times by 85%* while delivering the most robust, dynamic data available. rDCF moves the industry forward with better and faster decision making - and at a much lower cost.

*independent user data: creating a model in rDCF compared to the alternative on-premise solution.

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