Change the Way You Underwrite and Monitor Your Loan Portfolio

rDCF helps CRE lenders make the right decisions – and make them faster. Advanced analytics provide easy-to-consume underwriting metrics, while intuitive shortcuts and in-demand features make rDCF easy to learn.

rDCF’s open-data platform means that underwriting files can be accepted from and shared with third parties, such as appraisers and brokers, with ease. rDCF’s data can be quickly exported and re-imported with Excel® for quick sensitivity analysis. Excel® valuation workbook and reports provide an audit trail for complicated calculations.

Export-to-Excel® facilitates underwriting metrics, including in-place calculations for loan sizing and reporting.

Open-data platform enables easy data sharing between applications.

SaaS solution enables users to access data from any device with an internet connection.

Simple, straight-forward presentation of data expedites the underwriting process.



Triple-Layer Security Tools

including high-level data encryption to safeguard data.

Folder Structure

facilitates file organization and portfolio level reporting.

Intuitive Features

hot keys, shortcuts and icon-based menus make maneuvering between sections fast and easy.

Auditable Reports

remove the black box and make it clear how results are calculated.

Your Underwriting and Valuation Alternative

For years, CRE professionals have asked for a modern, mobile and economical solution for analyzing cash flow and determining real estate value. The solution? rDCF.

With rDCF, lenders have an application that reduces valuation times by 85%*while delivering the most robust, dynamic data available. rDCF moves the lending industry forward with better, faster decision making at lower costs.

*independent user data: creating a model in rDCF compared to the alternative on-premise solution.

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