Make Smart, Data-Supported Decisions, Faster

rDCF helps commercial real estate lenders maximize the returns on their loans and portfolios by providing transparent, accurate data, and a reliable means for modeling sophisticated financial transactions, including complex debt and equity waterfall scenarios.  Reliable cash flow projections and valuations facilitate risk assessment and debt covenant compliance (loan-to-value, debt coverage ratios).

Files can be shared with third parties, like brokers and appraisers, free and with ease. rDCF’s unmatched data import/export functionality makes sensitizing assumptions and data fast and easy. The audit log records every change to a file, who made it and when, boosting the security and accuracy of your data.

Pure Cloud – Work anywhere, anytime, from any internet-connected device

Transparent Formulas provide complete visibility into calculations

Advanced Security – built on the AWS platform

Easy File Sharing – fast, free, simple file sharing via a URL



Unsurpassed Data Import/Export

  • Work faster and easier by using existing Excel, third-party DCF or VTS files
  • Sensitize assumptions quickly and easily
  • Update variables for multiple projects simultaneously
  • Reduce data input errors
  • Use BI tool to export raw data or calculate results to other systems

Unmatched Excel Reporting

  • A full suite of detailed audit reports for validating assumptions and calculations
  • Professional, high-quality reports for pitchbooks and investor presentations
  • Run multiple scenarios or portfolios and analyze within a single view

Intuitive Design

  • Clean, simple navigation
  • Minimal columns reduce scrolling
  • Hot keys, input carousels and other short cuts save valuable time
  • Auto-save feature eliminates the need to stop and save repeadedly

Integrated Underwriting Workbook

  • Excel-based reporting and underwriting
  • Sophisticated debt and waterfall modeling
  • Real-time valuation and underwriting metrics
  • Professional, presentation-ready reports
  • Executive summary of essential results
  • Dynamic sensitivity and assumptions auditing
  • In-Place revenue calculations

Say Goodbye To The Status Quo

CRE professionals finally have a real choice when it comes to valuation and underwriting software. Unlike the software we’ve essentially been forced to use for years, rDCF is fast. Intuitive. Transparent. rDCF is easy to learn and use, yet still powerful and accurate, capable of even the most complex calculations. Try rDCF just once, and you’ll never want to use the status quo again.

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