The Utmost In Speed, Accuracy and Flexibility

Appraisers will appreciate rDCF’s speed, accuracy and flexibility, and the ability to quickly and easily access files from lenders and other third-parties.

Pure cloud rDCF allows users to work anywhere, anytime from any device with a high-speed internet connection, and to efficiently model single properties or entire portfolios.

Built For Speed – Hot keys and shortcuts allow you to work quickly and efficiently

Pure Cloud – Flexibility, plus no additional hardware or software to buy

Intuitive – Clean, simple, streamlined navigation

Accurate – Transparent formulas and audit reports to double check your numbers

Easy – to learn and use



Integrated Underwriting Workbook

  • Excel-based reporting and underwriting
  • Real-time valuation and underwriting metrics
  • Professional, presentation-ready reports
  • Executive summary of essential results
  • Dynamic sensitivity and assumption auditing

Unsurpassed Data Import/Export

  • Work faster and easier by using existing Excel, third-party DCF or VTS files
  • Sensitize assumptions quickly and easily
  • Update variables for multiple properties simultaneously
  • Reduce data input errors
  • Use BI tool to export raw data or calculated results to other systems

Unmatched Excel Reporting

  • A full suite of detailed audit reports for validating assumptions and calculations
  • Perform up to five valuations simultaneously (“as-is”, “as-built”, “as-stablilized”)
  • Professional, high-quality reports for investor presentations and pitch books
  • All produced in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks

Pure Cloud

  • rDCF is in the cloud, so there’s nothing to install locally
  • Work anytime, anywhere, from any internet-connected device
  • Collaborate on projects with others simultaneously
  • No additional hardware or software to buy
  • No on-going maintenance costs
  • Easy to scale as your needs grow
  • Always work on the latest version

Easy File Sharing

Share even large files easily and for free via a URL and email. Save models and data to your network or upload them to an FTP site. Learn More

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