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rDCF Highlights

Built For Accuracy

rDCF generates a full suite of detailed Excel reports for auditing numbers. Its powerful calc engine can handle even the most complex properties. Validation warnings alert users when data is missing.

Built For Speed

rDCF’s clean, intuitive UI simplifies navigation, while its hotkeys and other time-saving shortcuts keep hands on the keyboard to speed data input. The auto-save feature eliminates the need to stop and save work repeatedly.

Transparent Formulas

Exposed formulas eliminate the “black box” and show how numbers were calculated. rDCF has minimal modeling policy switches to impact results. The detailed audit log tracks every change to a file, who made it and when.

Integrated Underwriting Workbook

For insightful Excel-based reporting and advanced underwriting. Create and analyze sophisticated debt and equity waterfall models. Generate real-time valuation and underwriting metrics. Produce concise executive summaries of essential results.

Pure Cloud

Work anytime, anywhere, with any internet-connected device. Collaborate on projects with others simultaneously. No additional hardware or software to buy, nothing to install locally.

Unmatched Reporting

Generate a full suite of detailed audit reports for validating assumptions and calculations. Create professional, high-quality reports for pitchbooks and investor presentations, with just a few clicks. Run multiple scenarios or portfolios and analyze them in a single view.

Seamless Data Import/Export

Work faster and easier and reduce data input errors by using existing Excel, third-party DCF or VTS™ files. Effortlessly sensitize assumptions. Update variables for multiple properties simultaneously.

What Everyone is Saying

“rDCF is the perfect balance between simplicity, functionality and raw power.”

Brian Duddy — Financial Analyst | Brennan Investment Group

“The interface is very clean, streamlined and intuitive.”

Gabriel Silverstein — Managing Director | SVN Angelic, Chair of SVN Institutional Capital Markets


"rDCF's reporting is outstanding."

Micha Bitton — Principal, Black Gate Partners

A Welcome Choice

A Welcome Choice

Fast. Powerful. Streamlined. Intuitive. Accurate.
rDCF is a welcome departure from traditional DCF software.

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