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Introducing rDCF from rSquared, the next generation of open-data valuation software designed for how commercial real estate operates today.

More About rDCF

rDCF Highlights

Robust Security

Data security is achieved by advanced data encryption and use of Amazon Web Services as a cloud hosting service ensuring your data integrity.

Quick Access

Modify assumptions, view updates and reports within seconds using our intuitive navigation and expansive hotkey options. SaaS platform ensures your accessibility without needing to be hardwired.

Portfolio Functionality

Use of folder structure allows for portfolio-level reporting and efficient sensitivity analysis using Excel® imports and exports while providing clear data hierarchy. Manage complex data with ease and precision, tackling the majority of possible scenarios.

Transparency & Productivity

Formula driven Excel® workbooks for single assets or portfolios provide unmatched transparency into the metrics driving your value. Quickly evaluate deals and produce underwriting and investment committee memos: showing transaction models that combines leveraged cash flow projections with detailed property reports.

Flexibility & Accuracy

Whether it's percentage rent and anchor contributions or complex expense gross-ups, rDCF can handle all commercial product types in order to simplify your complexity.

Auditable Reports

Gain transparency into calculations. Our reports highlight calculation mechanics and drive the ability to audit your results and inputs.

Open-Data Platform

Import and export to/from rDCF via open API's and third-party integrations. Share deals with partners and clients.

What Everyone is Saying

“The interface is very clean, streamlined and intuitive.”

Gabriel Silverstein — Managing Director | SVN Angelic, Chair of SVN Institutional Capital Markets


"rDCF's reporting is outstanding."

Micha Bitton — Principal, Black Gate Partners

"Finally a cloud-based valuation product that truly works the way I need it to work..."

"After spending weeks trying to learn other software products, I can't believe how easy rDCF was for me to learn..."

"I modeled my first building in 1/2 the time it used to take me..."

"I love that I can access my portfolio anywhere..."

Essential CRE.

In an industry of complexity, rSquared obsesses over the essence of commercial real estate to deliver must-have valuation software - in short, essential CRE.

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