Brian Richards, Managing Director, Capital Markets, Beacon Partners

  • 20 years of experience
  • Capital Structuring
  • Capital Partner Relationship Management
  • Property Accounting and Underwriting


At Beacon Partners, we depend upon rDCF for asset management and investment underwriting functions. We currently have about $1 billion in commercial real estate AUM throughout the Carolinas, so managing the finances of our portfolio is mission-critical, and it’s incredibly valuable to have such a powerful tool at our disposal that can help us so many different ways.”


“rDCF’s familiar folder structure, which is very similar to the network folder structure most of us use every day, gives us the flexibility to organize our data however we choose by portfolio, individual property, asset type, location or other identifier. This makes it simple, fast and easy to find, manage and access our models and data, and to generate the reports we need.”


“rDCF is so intuitive and easy to use that we were able to pick it up and start modeling after just an hour or two of training and working with the software. The rDCF interface is very simple and streamlined. The hot keys, short cuts and carousel inputs make navigation fast and easy. Working with the icons and top and side menus becomes second nature very quickly.”

Excel Import/Export

“Probably our favorite feature of rDCF, and one we use often, is the Excel import/export. We’re able to run models in rDCF, export the data to Excel with just a click, and analyze and review the results and assumptions. Then, if we need to sensitize assumptions, we can use the Excel import to update our models automatically as opposed to making all the changes by hand. This saves work and time, especially when analyzing multiple buildings or property portfolios, which happens often.”