rSquared CRE might be a relatively new company, but we have deep roots in the commercial real estate industry. Combined, the members of our leadership team have over 200 years of experience in commercial real estate consulting, finance, technology and operations.

While working for Realogic Analytics, LLC, a leading commercial real estate consulting firm, they helped envision, plan, develop and launch several successful software products, building the foundation for what would later become rSquared CRE and our portfolio of advanced software solutions.

By forming a new and separate company, the group was able to better focus on technology, delivering and supporting software solutions that help CRE professionals work faster, easier, more accurately and more transparently.

We created rDCF, our flagship valuation and underwriting software, at the urging of our consulting clients, who were frustrated with the valuation and underwriting software that was available at the time but wanted more structure and reliability than Excel could provide.

rDCF is unlike any DCF software you’ve ever used. Fast. Intuitive. Powerful. Accurate. Transparent. Easy to learn and use. We’ve set the bar very high with rDCF, but look to continue raising it with each new software solution we introduce.

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Mission Statement

Our mission at rSquare CRE is simple and straight-forward: to envision, design, develop and deliver superior, leading-edge software solutions that empower commercial real estate professionals across the industry to work faster, easier and more accurately and transparently.