Our essential software is built by CRE experts for CRE experts. Whatever your role in the budgeting, valuation and transaction process-from underwriting to appraisals to lending-our tools generate the accurate intelligence you need for making confident decisions.

Led by our flagship product rDCF, our technology is built for the way commercial real estate works today. We offer an open-data platform SaaS alternative to the cumbersome hosted tools of the past, enabling an experience that’s easy to integrate, learn and master. By incorporating shared data, we generate more intelligent results-equipping you to make smarter deals.

At rSquared, we believe in the power of simplicity. Our products reject the complexity of yesterday’s systems, reflecting the essence of today’s CRE needs-everything you need and nothing you don’t. The result is essential tools that get the job done – supported by industry experts who know the job well.

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rWhy Statement

Our ultimate goal is bigger than empowering CRE professionals to excel. We’re here to change the way our industry works for the benefit of all. Commercial real estate will never stop evolving – so rSquared is here to always play an essential role in disrupting CRE technology to change with the times.

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