Gabriel Silverstein, Managing Director | SVN Angelic, Chair of SVN Institutional Capital Markets

  • 25 Years Experience
  • $7 Billion in transactions
  • $1 Billion+ in tenant representation
  • University of Notre Dame


“rDCF’s formulas are transparent. The so-called “black box” is completely eliminated, allowing decision-makers to better understand the calculations behind the numbers in the model. Not only does this transparency give them a higher comfort level with the data, but it helps them better understand the analysis and the pricing. This in turn helps the seller know where they might be able to push and get a better price.”


“I’ve found that most inaccuracies in models are due to user errors, and that’s most often a result of the software being overly complicated or confusing. Because rDCF is so easy to use, user errors are significantly reduced, resulting in more accurate models. And, because you can see the formulas in the output, you can double check the accuracy of your numbers, which is really valuable and important.”


“The team at rSquared CRE is fantastic. They know rDCF and commercial real estate valuation and underwriting inside and out. They’re always available to help or answer my questions and have even gotten on the phone to help my clients. The rDCF team has become part of the SVN | Angelic team in a way, expanding the resources and level of assistance we can provide to our own clients. They have a small town intention coupled with a big-city approach, which is unique and something I really appreciate.”

Intuitive UX

“rDCF’s interface is very simple, straightforward and intuitive, which makes rDCF incredibly easy to use. Our clients can modify the data in rDCF models themselves-- something they really like and appreciate, especially our buyers. Because the output file is so easy to understand, you can change or sensitize data without needing to change the entire base model. That’s a huge benefit that saves us a lot of time and effort.”