Micha Bitton, Principal, Black Gate Partners

  • 22 years of experience
  • Acquisitions
  • Investment Properties
  • Lease Administration
  • The Ohio State University

Dynamic Sensitivity

“rDCF’s integrated Excel underwriting workbook is a unique and versatile tool. It enables us to quickly and easily sensitize assumptions and other data in our models, whether for a single property or across an entire portfolio. Not only does this save us a tremendous amount of time and effort, but being able to produce and analyze a full range of detailed scenarios helps Black Gate Partners better manage our risk and maximize our returns.”

Debt and Waterfall Modeling

“Another way we use rDCF’s underwriting workbook at Black Gate Partners is to model our debt and waterfall equity scenarios. In this regard certainly, no other DCF software I’ve ever used even comes close. We can build and review even the most complex and sophisticated underwriting scenarios, including multiple debt tranches or multi-tiered waterfalls, and project leveraged and unleveraged returns and long and short-term payouts to investors.”


“rDCF’s reporting is outstanding. We can generate over a dozen detailed Excel reports to audit our numbers, which helps us avoid costly mistakes and greatly improves the accuracy of our valuation and underwriting models. We can produce an executive summary showing all the key numbers from our models in a simple, easy to read format, so we can review and assess our data quickly. Also, we’re able to generate professional, presentation-ready reports for pitchbooks or investor proposals directly from rDCF, eliminating the need to cut and paste or reformat data.”

Valuation and Underwriting Metrics

“The ability to easily generate key valuation and underwriting metrics, and in real-time, is another way rDCF makes my job much easier. We can quickly generate reports showing essential data from our models, including in-place revenue, occupancy costs, roll-over rental analytics, key market assumptions and more. This allows us to dig deep into our models to analyze every component and confirm the accuracy of our numbers.”