Mike Gorney, Principal, Gorney Realty Company, LLC

  • 35 years of experience
  • Acquisitions
  • Development
  • Investment Sales
  • Asset Management


“I like that rDCF’s formulas are transparent so I can see how numbers are calculated. Also, I’m able to easily modify the formulas if I ever want. rDCF gives me and my co-investors greater confidence in our valuations and supporting data.”

Data Import/Export

“With rDCF, I can quickly and easily import and export data from Excel files, business intelligence tools and third-party DCF applications, including my old DCF software. Being able to import existing data rather than enter it manually saves me a tremendous amount of work and time. It also reduces data input errors and improves the accuracy of my models.”

Easy To Learn

“rDCF is very easy to learn, especially if you’ve ever used DCF software before. I think I maybe needed two hours of training before I was able to start using rDCF on my own. It’s very intuitive and navigating around the app and using it to model buildings or transactions quickly becomes second nature. The rSquared CRE training team really knows the app well and made sure I did too by the time I was done with my training.”

Easy To Use

“rDCF is simple to use. The user interface is clean and streamlined so you can work quickly and efficiently. Columns are minimized to greatly reduce scrolling. The hot keys, carousel inputs and other short-cuts are intuitive, easy to use and make navigating between and around sections and entering data fast and easy. I wish all business software was this dynamic, powerful and easy to use.”