Brian Duddy, Financial Analyst

  • Financial modeling
  • Data analytics
  • C++, SQL
  • 1.5 years of experience
  • Lehigh University

Clean, Simple, Streamlined

“rDCF’s user interface is clean, efficient and streamlined, which makes the app easy to learn and use. At the same time, rDCF doesn’t sacrifice any power or flexibility. It can handle even the largest and most complex transactions with ease. rDCF is the perfect balance between simplicity, functionality and raw power.”

Hotkeys and Shortcuts

“The hotkeys and other innovative short cuts are huge time-savers and make navigating around rDCF and entering data fast and easy. The clever carousel inputs greatly reduce the number of columns and allow me to efficiently cycle through fields instead of scrolling endlessly, like other DCF software I’ve used. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve saved thanks to rDCF.”

Pure Cloud

“Unlike some DCF software, rDCF is 100% cloud-based and there’s no middleware involved, so I can work anywhere, anytime, from any device with a high-speed internet connection, instead of being tethered to a server or desk. Also, I live and work in Washington, DC, but Brennan Investment Group’s main office is near Chicago. Because rDCF is entirely in the cloud, I have no issues collaborating on projects or sharing data with my colleagues in Chicago, or anywhere else.”

Integrated Underwriting Workbook

“rDCF’s integrated underwriting workbook is a truly unique and incredibly helpful and versatile feature. I can use it to quickly and easily sensitize variables or to manipulate data and can see the overall impact in real-time. I can generate a slew of reports from the underwriting workbook to audit and confirm my underwriting. If need be, I can model sophisticated financial transactions, including debt and equity waterfall scenarios. And, I can evaluate multiple properties simultaneously. It’s a financial analyst’s best friend.”